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Success with Video Marketing

January 07, 2022 Coffee & Hustle Podcast Season 2 Episode 127
Coffee & Hustle Podcast
Success with Video Marketing
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Show Notes

Welcome to Our Marketing With A Purpose Podcast Episodes, where we discuss & uncover new strategies for your business. Value is one of the key ingredients for your marketing mix. This podcast is for all industries with one topic that can move you forward in your business. 

PODCAST TOPIC:  Success with Video Marketing 
(How and Why) 


It’s a great time to review end-of-year accomplishments and goals and see what was working and not working for your business.  

Recognizing new opportunities for small to mid-sized businesses is the perfect time to take a fresh look at their marketing strategies. 

The first step is to ensure your brand message is consistent and cohesive across all social media platforms and relevant to your marketing strategy and company goals.   

I’m Carla Stiles with Coffee & Hustle and joining today is my co-host on today’s episode, Maryn Graves, our Director of Multimedia. We are reviewing “Success with Video Marketing” 

Welcome, Maryn! So glad to have you on today’s show. 

We review and answer some great questions on how to improve your marketing with videos. 

QUESTION: What are the best ways to get your brand message out there – how do you incorporate that into your marketing strategy?? 

QUESTION: What are some of the benefits? 

QUESTION: We know the types of videos and the stats but what is really going to urge businesses to take the leap into video marketing? 

QUESTION: The facts are incredible.. but why is video marketing so effective?

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A successful business doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and persistence, which is what Coffee & Hustle is all about.

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