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Healthy Benefits From Exercising

May 06, 2020 Designedbycarla Season 1 Episode 113
Coffee & Hustle
Healthy Benefits From Exercising
Show Notes

Hey there, this is Carla from Coffee and Hustle in today's podcast, we're discussing with Rebecca Dotson healthy benefits from exercising. Rebecca is an expert in personal and group training, and she provides private training workout plans tailored to the individual or group. 

In Today's Discussion

Rebecca Dotson shares her love and passion as a fitness instructor and how she started her fitness goals and business from a college credit class. She shares what it takes to be successful and running a business. We discuss our lessons and roadblocks with running a business. How to reduce stress and anxiety with exercise? Learning how to make lifestyle changes in your life and making choices.  

About Stronghold Fitness
Rebecca Dotson, owner and operator of Stronghold Fitness. My greatest passion is supporting, educating, encouraging, and pushing individuals to recognize their capabilities, strengths, and fitness goals.  I LOVE what I do.  I desire to model a healthy lifestyle as well as be the coach, mentor, and cheerleader that my clients and students need, and ensure that each individual never feels alone in his or her fitness journey.  Everyone’s fitness needs are unique. I aim to tailor workouts to each client’s needs, leaving clients feeling successful every step of the way!

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