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The Importance of Small Businesses' Power

June 19, 2023 Mike Maynard Season 5 Episode 143
Coffee & Hustle Podcast
The Importance of Small Businesses' Power
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Show Notes

Meet Mike Maynard, Napier's tech enthusiast and owner with over 20 years of experience directing PR and marketing programs for various tech clients. He offers a rare combination of technical and marketing expertise and loves to engage in conversations about the latest advancements in the industry. 

Welcome to the Coffee & Hustle podcast, Mike. We are in different time zones, so what time is it over in your area? Let's talk tech and give our audience some insights into Napier. Napier has offices across the UK and in America's San Francisco Bay Area. The company won the PR Agency of the Year at the Instrumentation Excellence Awards 2022 and received highly commended for the Most Outstanding PR Agency at the Electronics Industry Awards 2022. Napier has also been named a Rising Star agency in the B2B Marketing UK Agencies Benchmarking Report 2021. 

Today, our topic is the importance of small businesses' power. Small companies comprise more than 50 percent of the employed population, making them the backbone of the American economy. They provide vital services and products to local communities and support them by creating jobs and strengthening the local economy. Shopping at small businesses can positively impact our communities and contribute to their growth and success. 

To help small businesses grow in their marketing, you can turn your employees into brand ambassadors, use social media to increase your online footprint, measure what works and refine as you grow your business, manage SEO, and expand the content. 

Thank you for sharing your knowledge on today's topic, Mike. And thank you for listening to today's Coffee & Hustle podcast episode. See you next time.

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