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The Roles of a Woman

July 06, 2022 Coffee & Hustle Podcast Season 4 Episode 133
Coffee & Hustle Podcast
The Roles of a Woman
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Show Notes

Summary: Why Do We Need to Talk About the Roles of Women? Before you try balancing your job and family, it's essential to define what you want to do with your life. It's okay to not know the answer to that question. Today, I’m talking with Olivia Pirtle, who is a role model for women in modern society that is balancing an active lifestyle, children, business, and a dedicated wife.  We discuss, how do you balance a busy lifestyle with success?

“Hello and welcome to the Coffee & Hustle podcast, this is the episode that discusses “The Roles of a Woman”. 

I’m Carla with Designedbycarla and joining this podcast discussion is Olivia Pirtle with SCS as a Corporate Resources Manager. 

Thank you for joining Olivia, Tell us a little about you and how you manage your day-to-day. How do you balance your day? 

The previous name of the company was SCS Worx and the company is in a transition. Your title is Corporate Resources Manager, give us a brief on your responsibilities. How do your values show up in your work?

The main focus of the company was building Exhibits for trade shows. The company will be celebrating, how many years? During the pandemic, the company had to pivot and now building custom cabinets for homes and companies. 

Role of Women in Modern Society.

Let’s talk about the many hats of your day-to-day. What is the driving force to keep on the go? What motivates you?

With you graduating in May with your master's in counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary. You find the time to intern at Huntsville Professional Counseling. How will you fill your time after your graduation? What is your plan after graduation?

How often are you able to fit this into your schedule? 

You and your husband Derek own and operate Dub's Burgers in Athens, a popular restaurant loved by the locals. What does it mean to be part of the local community? 

Let’s not forgot one of the most important roles of a woman. Staying active and on the go with your two daughters Elliot and Flora.

These are a few questions during the eposide. 

Do you always feel you need to fill your time? 

How do you make time for yourself? 

Do you always fill the pressure of being a woman? 

If you have 30 minutes of free time, how do you use it?

What drives your passion?

What’s something you’ve failed at?

Do you know how to define success? 

Who inspires you? 

Thank you, Olivia, and thank you for those listening to today’s episode - ““The Roles of a Woman”. ” on the Coffee & Hustle podcast. 

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