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DeNiche: Green, Blue and Little Grey Bubbles

March 15, 2022 Coffee & Hustle Podcast Season 3 Episode 130
Coffee & Hustle Podcast
DeNiche: Green, Blue and Little Grey Bubbles
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Show Notes

DeNiche is hosted by Peyton Guy and we talk about modern standards and cultivate the bridge between people and technology. Today's topic is Green, Blue, and Little Grey Bubbles.

What's up, all you nerdy, dirty geeks! My co-host, Carla Stiles, gives her feedback on the topic of the battle of text messaging.

So the question of why are some SMS green and some blue?

If your iPhone messages are green, it means that they're being sent as SMS text messages rather than as iMessages, which appear in blue. iMessages only work between Apple users. You'll always see green when writing to Android users or when not connected to the internet. 

Did you know iMessage works exclusively between Apple devices? This only means if you have an iPhone, and so does the person you're texting, the message will be sent over iMessage. 

Google has started a public fight with Apple over the "green bubbles" that appear when users message each other. When two iPhones message each other, their texts appear blue; if someone receives a message from an Android user, they show as green. 

Google accused Apple of exploiting 'peer pressure and bullying' for a profit with its blue and green iMessage bubbles. 

iPhone users exchange messages using iMessage and text messages appear in blue bubbles, whereas messages sent to iPhones from Google's Android mobile operating system display in green.

The texts are compatible with a broader range of phones and receiving services than blue iMessage texts for green messages. 

So the battle of securing your text messages is the key vs a bubble color. 

We review the standard SMS/MMS text messaging through your service provider is not no encrypted and sent of networks which makes it easier for criminals to intercept the data.  

Google has announced that end-to-end encryption is rolling out to users of Google Messages, Android's default SMS and RCS app.

Peyton discusses RCS  and  What's App to protect users from interception and private conversations and the data centers that are storing our information. 

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